The Greatest Happiness?
To crush your enemies.
To scatter and drive them before you.
To burn their cities to ashes.
To take their possessions.
To hear the wails of their women. And,
To rape their wives and daughters.
That is what is best in life.

As a few have noticed. By posting a quote by Genghis Khan, I was making a fairly serious statement.

(Not the least of which was de-christianizing the translation of the original quote (which, if I remember correctly was spoken in mongolian, written down phonetically using *chinese* characters, translated into persian, translated into german, and then translated into english. I’m not positive but most of the ‘secret history’ followed that route. )

Now, in the context in which I made that post, I was trying to illustrate a few things at once:

1) That hunting man and animal *is* his preferred profession. And that man is not Rousseauian. It is not surprising that all other variations of the semi-sentient apes were exterminated upon our arrival. Nor why the only competition the great plagues have had is Islam first and communism second.

2) That we have spent a great deal of effort ‘regulating’ man’s preferred profession. And that the many achievements of man were made by suppressing that profession

3) **BUT**, that to CHOOSE the method of suppressing that profession requires we preserve that profession: hunting, killing, destroying, and taking – we can construct many orders from enslavement on one end to markets on the other.

4) And to preserve that profession such that we create the advanced order that we have in the ancient and modern worlds requires the Aryan (markets) and the Christian (the extirpation of hatred from the human heart.)

5) Because there is a vast difference between predation and parasitism of the khan, and the conquest and rule of people by the production of markets through which they transcend the beast, the slave, the serf, the freeman, the civilian, the sovereign – and the god.

What we have failed to learn (which I am so glad someone reminded me of yesterday) is that having conquered from spain to china, and from the arctic circle to egypt, and having tried to create markets in each of those region, that we failed among all but our own.

Therefore the evidence suggests that there is something special about our kin group, tribe, and race that makes markets possible.

But if we must preserve the Aryan and the Christian to rule by natural law, we must also preserve the warrior to obtain and hold the condition of natural law. And we must preserve the warrior hunter’s joy and lust in Aryan and Christian forms, so that those that cannot transcend cannot harm us. If they can harm must they can be weakened. If they cannot be weakened they can be exterminated.

Not with hatred, and not for profit, but for defense.

Not for defense of us alone. But for the defense of human kind.

And the transcendence we are inspired to achieve.

(a) I want to cause you to attempt to disagree with this statement by stating it provocatively, (remember, this is the purpose of hyperbole that conservatives rely upon. the Asians use contradictions to cause you to think. Aristocracy uses hyperbole to cause you to think.
(b) I want to force you to face a necessary truth: that violence is just a resource that we can use to create good by the incremental suppression of all means of parasitism – and that to incrementally suppress means of parasitism among hunters, requires that we maintain exceptional skill in hunting, killing, taking, destroying.
(c) we created this world by mastering, professionalizing, and using violence to obtain and hold rule, through which we imposed markets, and the extirpation of hatred from the human heart.

I experiment a lot. I run tests. All my arguments are tests. Each test constitutes an attempt to construct a proof. When they are complete (closed), parsimonious, and clear my tests are complete, and a proof constructed.

But you should not dismiss the difference between an analytic list and an emotive or poetic bit of inspiration. They are attempts to make you (and i) think about those assumptions we hold, beliefs we hold, justifications we feel, and arguments we practice.

So that not only are markets created, and not only is hatred extirpated, but that ignorance, error, bias, wishful thinking, pseudorationalism, and pseudoscience, are removed from our thoughts.