A System That Will Work

Apr 20, 2017 12:11pm

Max 24 hour work week, preferably 4 days. Forced retirement savings, 4 hour school day, prohibition on immigration outside of research in physical sciences, tiered medical insurance, zero interest home loans, direct redistribution of liquidity to consumers, end of child support, spousal support, and marital community property, and marital credit and taxation; creation of debt-‘dole’ on the british model. removal of women from the voting pool into a separate house. mandatory service in militia (expansion of national guard’) providing both natural disaster, emergency, medical, and defense capability – with fitness requirement through the age of 60, or heavy penalties. Requirement for strict construction of law, legislation, regulation. Revocation of civil war violations of natural law. Restoration of voluntary association and dissociation. Redistribution of income taxes to the states, which then forward them to the federal government. And total revocation of the federal ability to levy taxes.

As a package it will sell. Incrementally it won’t.


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