America: children, totally absent a mother’s attention, housed in and driven to boredom and immobility in schools, causing them extensive developmental brain damage, who then are so desperate for stimulation they cling to consumer goods, only to find later in life that they are alone, unwanted, unuseful, and easily buried and forgotten.

America, the land where ‘decent’ and disciplined (moral) people work their assess off to pay absurd mortgage rates by borrowing from themselves (omfg), so that they can afford to move away from ‘indecent’ undisciplined (immoral) people, rather than paying trivial costs for trivial homes, where indecent people are prohibited from living.

Make industrialization of home production unprofitable. And watch what happens…..

America, the land of lonely people surrounded by consumer goods, taking opiates for physical pain and anti-depressants for mental pain.

People who work long hours, without walking or running, under information saturation, and in artificial light saturation, in seasonally dark climates, will develop majority depressive symptoms in the population.

Let me put it another way: the government is killing us.