–“What I’ve interpreted by reading Curt Doolittle’s posts so far regarding Race and IQ. The average IQ of a certain race represents more of an population make up. What portion of a certain race of people possess agency, thus seeking liberty or sovereignty. Aka how much of them can make into the “aristocratic” class. The West(whites), through their strategy(law and culture) effectively culled the lower tier(less beneficial to a cooperative society)gene pool, enough so that they were able to make enough progress to dominate the entire globe. The other races simply didn’t have the chance to do so, hence the difference in average IQ.”— Liu Gx

Liu Gx : Well, that’s the idea, yes. In addition:

1) Any group can cull its lower classes through various means – and transcend their median/average IQ. And nationalism will encourage (force) that to occur, while globalism and ‘tolerance’ creates permanent parasitic classes that can eventually overwhelm the aristocratic classes (the curse of

2) Immigration is a MULTIPLIER ON DAMAGES if we look at average iQ and the consequences of decline in average IQ.

3) Ashkenazi verbal ability, aggression and clannishness, Han spatial ability and conscientiousness, white balance spatial/verbal and creativity and lack of clannishness, african athleticism, extroversion and verbal weakness will always differentiate the groups because these seem to be material differences evident at the extremes.