If you talk about ‘beliefs’ you’re an idiot.

If you talk about convincing others, you’re only slightly less of an idiot.

If you talk about power and institutions then at least you’re not an idiot.

It’s all well and good to desire conditions under which we have the luxury to choose beliefs and we have the luxury to convince, but one must produce that conditional luxury.

The only means of organizing a polity is by the application of power. There is only one means by which a minority can exercise power, and that is violence. With violence you can choose what beliefs people choose from, what choices are and are not available.

The left does nothing but lie and propagandize and seize power incrementally and opportunistically. The right does nothing but hope and pray, and let others seize power incrementally and opportunistically.

Why? Because the right will not lie, but is afraid to tell the truth. Why? Because the entire fantasy that the right has constructed since the enlightenment is complete nonsense.

Man was not oppressed he was domesticated using violence, for the profit of those who domesticated him. Just like every other animal. And that our entire civilization is built upon the accumulated domestication of man for fun and profit over at least three and a half thousand years.

That is the answer. So we will either continue to drag mankind out of his animal nature, violence, ignorance, superstition, poverty, starvation, and disease, or we will revert to the animals we see in the muslims.

Our primary industry is rule. Rule or be ruled. Rule and transcend man. Or rule and be reduced once again to semitic barbarism.