Education myth: the headstart program: remove the context, remove the demonstrated improvements.

Education myth: put idiots in with exceptionals and they improve. False. Remove the context and restore the natural differences.

What does all society (markets) do? Sort people by ability.

What do smart people do? struggle to separate themselves from lesser (more annoying, untrustworthy, accident prone, error-spreading) people.

People below 90 iq cannot (its just science) make use of democracy, or markets, anything else for that matter. Middle easterners cannot make use of democracy and markets.

Social pathology takes place in the lower end of the iq scale. And high intelligence is inversely correlated with social pathologies. It’s a linear progression.

The G-factor (how you process complexity) is not affected by the flynn effect, our white Iq has gone down by 1 standard deviation (15 points) since 1850 according to Nyborg, and Lynn. (I havent asked Flynn).

It’s really simple. Educational gains whither when exposed to the light of reality. You can harm a child. But you cannot improve him or her. The market seeks truth. Parenting and education are crutches. Once gone the organism reverts to type.

You want better and smarter children? Less school. Less prepared food. More mom, and exposure to reality. More reading books.