Propertarianism’s Natural Law includes: Transcendence, Agency, Sovereignty, Reciprocity, Decidability, Markets for Association, Cooperation, Production, reproduction, production of commons, production of polities, production of group evolutionary strategies at all levels.

Let’s look at that again as a hierarchy:

1) Transcendence (of man to human then to gods.)
2) Agency, (by the production of agency)
3) Sovereignty, (by the demand for sovereignty)
4) Reciprocity, (limiting us to reciprocity)
5) Decidability, (providing us with decidability)
6) Markets: (limiting us to voluntary markets)
… Association,
… Cooperation,
… Production,
… Reproduction,
… Production of commons,
… Production of polities,
… Production of group evolutionary strategies at all levels. (and in the end producing eugenic evolution without intentional design)
7) Property (property in toto. The method of commensurability of changes in state via reciprocity.)
8) The Logic, Grammar and Syntax of Cooperation.
9) Testimonialism: the means of warranty of due diligence against error, bias, wishful thinking, suggestion, obscurantism and deceit.

Western civilization has disproportionately raised mankind out of superstition, ignorance, poverty, tyranny, and disease in short order in both the ancient and modern eras. We achieved this through the use of soverignty, deflationary truth and deflationary organizations, producing competition as the means of testing all possible ideas, information, services, and products. Because we rely on constantly changing markets we can respond to changes in markets, and our institutions must respond to changes in markets for violence, gossip, and remuneration. And we are able to do this because for most of our history we have incrementally expanded natural law – markets into all walks of life, ensuring that we can adapt faster than other civilizations to change – even if that means we have generation long wars in order to change between eras: but at least we change while others stagnate.

So while some of us desire the experiential consumption made possible by the west’s civilization, and others desire ‘not to be defeated by evil’, others desire sovereignty, others desire clan, tribal, national, or racial persistence – others desire the transcendence of man. And all of these desires can be fulfilled under natural law as long as we are willing to prevent those who are unwilling and unable to participate in that effort from reproduction. The opposite view is simply the opposite desires across the same spectrum: current consumption, and persistence of one’s genes despite the evidence that they force costs on mankind for eternity.

Natural Law completes the sciences up to sentience. We cannot solve sentience with the information currently at our disposal, although it appears that it is on the horizon of our abilities.