(ending freedom of false religion, along with ending false speech, of which religious dogma is a member.)
We tend to look at the demonstrated verbal superiority of the Ashkenazi, their long history of literacy, writing, law, hermeneutic interpretation, persuasion, and consequent success in occupations that require a combination of the estimation of others ability, the accumulation of textual information, and the exercise of persuasion (or coercion).
But we forget that their group success is dependent almost entirely on eugenic reproduction, in which the community contributes money to the Professor (Rabbi) so that he may bear extra children, and that the community outcasts members who cannot perform to standard, and reduces the rates of reproduction through poverty of those that cannot perform to standard. So just as the european nobility redistributed to the middle and upper classes, the production of the underclasses, the Ashkenazi, redistributed the production of the host peoples to their upper genetic classes. And both the Ashkenazi and Europeans then specialized in self transcendence by (beneficial) suppression of the reproduction of the underclasses, and the redirection of energies to the upper classes.
However, lets have a look at what Europeans (Aryans) achieved when they were literate, and what the Ashkenazi (and jews) accomplished when they were literate. Or lets ask it differently: what did Aryans and Jews accomplish when they practiced Abrahamism, versus before adoption and after departure from Abrahamism.
Or put another way, what have the Aryans and Jews accomplished under Aristotelianism (European Aryanism), versus what have they achieved under Abrahamism.
Moreover, what had the north africans, the Levantines, the Byzantines, and the Persians accomplished before Abrahamism? What did they accomplish under the long term effects of Abrahamism?
Lets bring in the Indians. What did the Dravidians (Hrappans) achieve before Supernatural Aryanism. What did they achieve after Supernatural Aryanism? What have they achieve since the introduction of Aristotelian Aryanism?
What did the Chinese achieve having never encountered Supernatural Aryanism, or Jewish Abrahamism?
What occurred when the Chinese resisted Aristotelian Aryanism? What occurred now that the Chinese finally adopted Aristotelian Aryanism?
Jews accomplished literally nothing despite being the most literate people in europe. Islamists accomplished nothing except the selective import of classical, persian, and indian thought, and upon consumption of those parts of those civilizations that they could consume, declined rapidly into even lower trust, even greater ignorance after 1200, even while invading europe for centuries to come, and spreading islamic ignorance from which spain and the southeast of europe seem challenged to recover from due to both cultural and genetic devolution.
We tend to make excuses by justifying intentions. But if we look at the historical record, Supernatural Aryanism was used to educate if not subjugate the ignorant, and let to the eradication of the Supernatural (Iranian) Aryans.
There is no greater crime than Abrahamism in human history. There is no greater source of ignorance and deceit than Abrahamism. No greater source of poverty. No more severe limitation transcendence.
There has been no greater source of murder, death, starvation, than the combination of Third Generation Judaism in the form of Marxism, Socialism and the first jewish empire: the Soviet Union, and the French reformation of it into Postmodernism and the necessary reactions to it including Fascism; Nor and the Second Generation of Arab Abrahamism(islam), in which the tactics of Arab expansion of Arabic Abrahamism (Islam) which relies on intellectual seduction of the underclasses and women, raiding of capital and trade, and decentralized warfare, to obtain sufficient power to conduct conventional warfare internally and externally, to impose Abrahamic Ignorance upon people, and devolve them into increasingly ignorant, and unintelligent peoples.
Just as freedom of speech must end, and be replaced by freedom of truthful speech. Freedom of religion must end, and be replaced by freedom of truthful religion.
That is the less on of history.
And all that prevents us from it, is abandoning our malinvestment in that branch of Abrahamism that perpetuated our dark age: Christianity, and its lies.
The only value of christian teaching is the extension of kinship love to non kin thereby increasing the investment cooperation by which we train ‘cheaters’ that it is better to cooperate morally than ‘cheat’.
A lesson we must understand, is not present in Judaism or Islam since both explicitly advocate asymmetrical polylogical ethics. (Lying, cheating, against non-members).
Truth is enough. Save the West. Save mankind.
End the unlimited, require limits.
Require the limit of truthfulness.
Require the limit of reciprocity
Require the limit of full accounting.
Deny the devolution of Abrahamism to our people, and man.
It’s quite simple you know. We already prohibit false speech in commerce, regarding products, services, and information. We Need only extend that demand from the MORE immediate goods, of products, services, and information, to that of the less immediate goods, services, and especially information.
Especially that information that while perhaps imaginable and preferable, purports to be possible, “good” or True that is neither possible, nor good, nor true.
1 – Categorical consistency
2 – Logical consistency
3 – Empirical consistency
4 – Operational consistency
5 – Rational consistency (incentives of a rational actor)
6 – Moral consistency (perfect reciprocity)
7 – Scope Consistency (Limits.)
8 – Full accounting of consequences within those limits.
White this might seem difficult to you at first blush, it is not something that courts will have difficulty with, and within a decade and certainly a generation, the body of law will evolve into common practice.
And all the culture along with it.
And all of mankind as a consequence.
End the invention of lying.