Natural Law on Gender


There exist but two genders. Male and Female. These genders are compatible. Both genders provide necessary reciprocity to one another in the production of family and offspring.  Both genders develop traits for each gender, and each gender divides the labor of transcendence with different traits, but with greater or lesser intensity of either. Individuals are born with determining genitalia and genetics. Individuals are born with in utero successes and in utero failures. Individuals mature with developmental successes and developmental failures. Individuals develop psychological successes and failures, primarily due to insufficient training by socialization, shocks or trauma that disrupt the psychological training.

Defects of birth that cannot be changed or that individuals desire to preserve, must be either tolerated or not. Defects of development must be tolerated or not. But defects of training of one’s psychology need not be tolerated. And the export of the costs of one’s defects in utero, development, or training may not be imposed by any means onto the body of the people for whom the transcendence of man by the transcendence of their family is of necessity, and the accommodation and tolerance of failures in that transcendence a cost they may choose to bear or not. As such homosexuality may not be punished, nor accommodated. And all other deviations of gender need not be tolerated if they are perceivable in the commons. And deviations that threaten the young or less able, need be cured or the individual terminated.

The Natural Law recognizes only two genders male and female, defects of birth, defects of training, and defects of choice. And therefore no imposition shall be forced upon those with defects other than that of birth defect, fraud of weights and measures,  or imposition of costs upon the commons.

All public word, deed, and display shall conform to one’s gender such that none impose his defects upon others in the commons. And none shall impose upon private word, deed and display, unless it imposes costs upon those external to the voluntary exchange of word, deed, and display.

Knowledge of a thing’s existence is not the same as sense of its existence. It is only sense and cost of existence that the Law prohibits.


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