Independence of the Church
The Natural Law exists independent of any Territory, Polity, Institution, or Opinion. The Church shall exist independently of any Territory, Polity, or Institution, and Opinion. The Church shall in the service of Natural Law and Transcendence alone.

The Church or Church Proper refers to the interests of the Church Body, past, present, and future. All shareholders must acquire a share of the Church through specific performance specified by each Body of the church, and the material payment required by each body of the church to that body.

The Church Body, or Body, refers to the shareholders of one or more church buildings and their territories.

The Church House, or House refers to a territory and building in which a Church Body operates.

The Church of the Realm refers to all Bodies and Houses within a Political Territory.

The Church shall bear responsibility for the production of Generations using the institution of the family, in furtherance of transcendence of man one generation at a time.

The Church of the Realm and the Church Proper shall form an administrative body as needed and only as needed, by drawing lots from those leaders of the bodies of the Church, for the term of service of one year. And no contrivance shall be constructed to circumvent the randomness provided by this method. The Church Bodies shall organize as Corporations, with Shareholder agreements, organized and operated as they see fit, as long as compatible with this application of the Law.

The Church of the Realm shall exist as an Independent Institution, and Peer of the Houses of the Commons, subject only to the Natural Law, and the Adjudication of Natural Law by the Judiciary. The Houses of the Commons may petition the Church, and the Church the Houses of the Commons and conventional contracts may be constructed at the discretion of any Church Body, so long as they do not violate this Code nor the Law.

The Church shall educate the Generations. The Church shall Specifically add Add Natural Law, Grammar, Logic, Testimony and Rhetoric and History, Marriage, Family, Finance, and Fitness to the Teachings of the Church. The Church Body shall teach from the canon of Speech (Drawing(Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Etching and durable forms of decoration of physical spaces), Records(Vocabulary, Glyphs, Reading, Writing, Letters (Myths, Parables, Literature, History)), Testimony ( observation description, testimony, grammar, logic, rhetoric,) Measurements (Mathematics of all types), Cooperation ( Natural Law, Contract, Money, accounting, finance, economics ), The Crafts (Engineering of all types), The Laws of Nature (physics, chemistry, biology, ecology, sentience,) where not a violation of Natural Law due to use of Idealism or Supernaturalism.

The Church likewise shall remove Supernaturalism from The Church. Remove idealism from The Church. Remove submission from the Church – leaving only Supernormal Mythology stated in Historical Terms. In particular, mathematics and logic shall be laundered of idealism and platonism; and also, the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth are reducible to, and shall be taught as, the extension of kinship love to non kin as a means of crossing family, clan, tribe, and national boundaries, such that we tolerate our differences until sufficient cooperative economic and political advantage has been achieved that Natural Law of Reciprocity evolves due the accumulated investment in one another that we no longer try to free ride, cheat, parasite or prey upon one another. Furthermore, the Teachings of Siddhartha Buddha are be reducible to and shall be taught as the development of mindfulness such that one is not influenced by impulses of the self, pettiness, the competition of others, or the vicissitudes of Nature. The teachings of Confucius were less harmful but promoted stagnation via advocacy of harmony rather than invention, and shall be taught with that caution. And in all cases the Stoics and the accumulation of Stoic Virtues shall be superior to all other methods of achieving mindfulness, including harmony, prayer, meditation, and ritual, of achieving the same discipline. While testimony to ancestors, heroes, demigods, and gods, in request for wisdom or fortune can serve us well or better than conversations with living people; Meditation can be a beneficial addition for some,; and ritual in the form of recitation and action is beneficial for all of us. Particularly when performed in voice, or in song, with a body of one’s peers.

(Counsel: In the choice between Zoroastrian tolerance, Abrahamic Submission, Buddhist Surrender, Chinese non-conflict advocated under the rubric of harmony, and Stoic Action – Stoicism provides both mindfulness as well as personal improvement by demonstrated action in the real world, rather than the alternatives which withdrawal from it. Only Stoicism promotes defeat of the self, others, and nature rather than acquiescence. Therefore only Stoicism contributes to transcendence.)


The Church shall select teachings from the record of Warriors, Statesmen, Scientists, Artists, and Saints. But shall eliminate the teachings of the philosophers and prophets who rely upon conflation, rationalism, idealism and supernaturalism to deceive the people through art and artifice.

(Counsel: This process converts myth to history, and in particular converts the supernatural deceptions, to wisdom literature in the form of parables. Testimony, the Natural Law and Transcendence are very simple rules, and parables that teach its many applications are uncomplicated.)

(Counsel: We convert submission to achievement and the combination of monotheism and saints to the Laws of the Nature of which Natural Law is a subset, and heroes who are bound by Laws of Nature and Natural Law, but achieve supernormal ends on the behalf of mankind, by their actions. We create myth from supernormal individuals that each individual if he tries, may seek to achieve.)

(Counsel: We do not seek to create a religion, only allow new religions to form independently of the falsehoods alien to our peoples, and in particular the deceptions of the Abrahamists.)

(Counsel: We expressly sever the Church, Family, and Moral Teachings, from the Academy and Professions and Technical Teachings.)

The Church shall educate boys separately from girls, and after the age of 9, boys must be taught exclusively by men, and girls exclusively by women.

The Church shall maximize physical activity, maximize speed and strength, maximize competitive interpersonal play, maximize the consumption of literature,  maximize discourse, deliberation, and debate, and minimize seated instruction.




The Church shall require Marriage, a minimum of three children, and one grandchild, ownership of property, and professional achievement in the Markets, prior to administrative or teaching position in the Church.

(Counsel: Preventing careerists, escapists, and ideologues, lacking demonstrated ability from access to generations, and requiring success in marriage, in raising a family, and in professional achievement in order to demonstrate worthiness to train subsequent generations. )

The Treasury of the Realm shall Grant all Church Bodies, upon possession of territory and House, and upon employment of Insured, Professional Bankers (professionals in family finance, investment, and economics), access to zero interest loans directly from the treasury, for all Family (not personal, not business) direct consumption.

Grant all Church Bodies in this model, upon hosting of a regimental militia, may form a bank for the service of its members, and provision against unemployment, illness and age, and the funds stored in the church may not be taken, attached, or interfered with by any individual, or organization, private, common, judicial, or monarchic, without voluntary transfer of the individual controller of the accounts, nor may any contrivance be used to force such an action directly or indirectly. These funds are non-existent for all but the individual who controls them.

(Counsel: insulate the family from the state, provide incentive for membership, and convert the institutions of the state to a utility, preventing the future defeat of the family by the concentration of capital and violence.)

The Church Body shall have exclusive dominion over matters of family. All rules of marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, inheritance shall be determined, adjudicated, by the Church, according to regional needs, with family structures varying from nuclear to traditional but with the constraint of a marriage consists of one man and one woman; there shall exist no community property; in matters of dispute, the children are the property of the mother until the age of consent, and the father thereafter.

The Church Body shall not seek profit and demonstrate no interests other than that of its Bodies. It shall practice all caution in its administration and policy. The Judiciary is instructed to practice intolerance for the conspiracy of intent or interest in the creation of rents and cartels in the church and to treat such attempts quickly and harshly.

The Church Body shall engage in no commerce other than to cover the costs of administration through use of membership dues, education, and fees. And may raise money only from donations, or loans from the Treasury proxied by members of the Body.

All Holidays whether promoted or demoted must be approved by the majority of the body of the church as represented in a vote of its leadership.

All religious symbolism shall be limited to the interior of the church, and the interior of the individual, and all religious symbolism and verse shall be prohibited from the commons in construction, dress, decoration, and information. The purpose of such symbolism is the domination of others, the claim of territory, and the intent to influence political processes, or to interfere with natural law, or to promote the separatism from others, regardless of felt or argued intent and consequence.

Architecture shall follow the various Christian conventions beginning in the Norman Era, however, all future churches, and all repairs or improvements to existing churches shall require hand-building, using man-portable materials, and the total absence of panel products. And no church may engage in financial or educational matters until it possesses land and such a monument.

Prostheletyzing all supernatural religions shall be prohibited, and all temples to supernatural religions not immediately converted to Natural Law shall be disassembled.

(Counsel: These requirements are costly, require civic cooperation by design, and provide advantages by design, such that the era of deceitful seduction of the people by all branches of the Zoroastrian and Abrahamic deceptions are prohibited.)


All within the universe is bound by laws of nature and all Sentient life capable of voluntary cooperation is bound by Natural Law, and no pretense shall be made otherwise. The value of the Heroic myths by which man outwits, out fights, and out works man and nature is superior in the production of a transcendent polity to that of all other literatures. All gods, demigods, heroes, and saints are but literary contrivances by which to teach the the young and the simple about the world that is existential. The purpose of these characters is to make use of hyperbolic exaggeration of abilities, personalities, and ideas, virtues, follies and sins, such that we learn by the most basic method: sympathy that all of us are capable of, by the anthropomorphism and exaggeration of traits that are open to direct experience by imitation. But under no conditions must the young, simple, or otherwise ignorant or disabled, be subject to the deception that these are other than fictional characters. Yet, even as fictional characters we can ask ourselves, “What would this god, demigod, hero or saint, do in this circumstance?” And we can ask “If I asked this god demigod, hero or saint for advice, assuming our conversation was private and would always be sacred between the two of us, what would he say?” And we can ask this God, Demigod, Hero, Saint, for comfort,forgiveness, safety, rescue, or luck, and we will find that the act of doing so will often result in solutions we can make use of, advice we can make use of, and comforts we can make use of. And as such we need only grasp that there is no difference between the various formulae and recipes we use to manipulate the physical world, and those we use to manipulate the mental world. And in this way gods, demigods, heroes and saints serve as recipes for the measurement and transformation of questions and problems that cannot be solved by more analytic means. As such we may not deprive people of the utility, only limit them from self deception and the deception of others.

Men and Women, Boys and Girls vary in their abilities. While most are capable of speech and interaction, the minds of some border on dreams, and the minds of others border on machines, and the rest lie somewhere in between. And some people will always attempt to create a pretense rather than perform the work necessary to transcend the animal or childlike or immature mind. And while in private they may commit all sorts of self harm, they may not infect others in order to find allies in the realization of their falsehoods though the spreading of falsehoods. Charlatans of all stripes have produced fantasies to sell to people by appealing to their abilities, for most of human history – if only sold for attention and status, but too often sold for attention and power. But it is all lies. It is much less expensive to lie to the simple than it is to educate them in the Truthful. So one may not profit from the distribution of lies whether the purpose is to obtain psychological, emotional, intellectual, social, political or material gain. One may choose to lie to the self, but one many not spread the lies to others for any form of gain. Nor may one seek release by the word, deed, or display of such falsehoods. If the freedom of the feasts, and festivals is not enough, then one seeks not release from the stresses of reality but to drag others into unreality with him.





No individual, no organization, no matter what pretense or argument, shall intervene claim power to intervene in the mission or operations of the Church unless in violation of Natural Law under consent of the highest offices of the Judiciary in the Realm and at least three other Bodies of the Church.

(Counsel: Restoration of the Separation of Church and state and the inversion of the state and the family in priority, prohibiting the construction of corporatism in any form.)

Jesus of Nazareth

God and Gods


All holidays imposed by the conversion of our Natural Holidays of the Celebration of Life to Abrahamic Deceits shall hereby be rescinded and restored to original name and purpose: the appreciation of the natural world and our integration with its cycles. In particular, the four seasonal holidays of October 31 and November 1, December 21, March 15th, May 1, June 21, September 15 shall be restored and observed with celebrations of the cycle of death and rebirth, the onset of winter and feasts, the end of the winter, the welcoming of the spring, the feast of the harvest and hunt. In those places where December 25th is practiced, it shall remain St Nicholas’ Day and Christ’s Mass and retain its celebration of Charity to Kin, Family, most of all to Children. In Honor of the sacrifice of Jesus of Nazareth in his efforts to compel us to extend love to one another and not offend, not abuse, and not prey upon one another, the Holiday of Easter shall be preserved, and not diminished, for his innovation and his sacrifice is worthy of our devotion. The holidays of the Saints may be observed by any body if their acts demonstrated in the service of others rather than imagined devotion as a means of self gratuity and escapism from the Transcendence of man. The Soviet, Jewish, and Islamic holidays shall be forbidden, in word, deed, or display. And no others, in word, deed, or display, if not pagan, and not in the adoration of nature, shall be tolerated.

If at any time, the method of calculating the calendar is revised, the birth of Aristotle shall be used as the base date of our civilization, because it was Aristotle who discovered the means by which to drag mankind from its prison of ignorance.

The Restitution of the Seminaries, Monasteries, and Retreats
The Church shall take possession of the Seminaries, and convert them from Abrahamic and Platonic, into exclusively Supernormal, Historical, Aristotelian, and Natural Law and Stoic literature alone. In particular, there is nothing in the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth that cannot be stated in rational, aristotelian, uncolored, language, and vast frauds in the literature of the Abrahamists of all sects.

The Restitution of Land, Structures, and Monuments
The Church Proper and all its Bodies lays claim of interest upon all Christian territory, monument, and structure in current and prior Christendom regardless of denomination or current possession, if constructed prior to the Third Conquest of Europa in 1917. No Transfer of such shall take place except to a Body of The Church. Any attempt shall be construed as an act of war, and the Monarchies The Militaries, The Militias, The Church Bodies, and all men able of action, shall require restitution and expenses times ten for any such violation, and in addition the lives and property of all signatories and participants to such violations shall be forfeit.

(Counsel: The Conquests of Europe by Abrahamic Deceits are: 1) Christianization, 2) Islamic conquest of people and territories and the hundreds of millions of deaths that they caused, the darkness and ignorance they imposed on mankind, and the suffering they caused directly and indirectly. 3) The Combination of Jewish-Marxism/French-Postmodernism/Arab-Islamism and the one hundred million deaths that they caused, and continue to cause.)

The Papal State
The Papal state, its territory, structures, possessions and the Vatican Bank shall be seized. The Vatican II shall be vacated, all policy under it vacated, and all signatories declared traitors to Christendom. John Paul shall be declared the Last Pope. Francis Shall be declared a False Pope and redacted from the history of the Catholic Church. The Cardinals and Priests and Laity returned to their home countries. The Natural Law shall ascend in place of Vatican II, and the Natural Law, the Histories shall replace all Church Dogma, Theology, Propaganda and Deceits. Those districts that

The Redaction of Abrahamism
The Invention of the God of Abraham, in all his incarnations, under all his names, shall be restated in all histories of the intentional invention of a false god, and the intentional construction of a deceit, and restated in mythical literature as a trick of the devil in the forms of Abraham, Peter and Paul, and Mohammed, and their followers, designed to entrap us in superstition, ignorance, tyranny, poverty, disease, and to trick us by these methods to from which man must never again fall victim

The Restoration of Nature
Each Church Body shall, for each of the Body’s Houses, demonstrate the Restoration by planting one of the Great Trees of Europa in prominent position on its territory, and care for it, in compensation for having allowed the Romans to kill, and the Abrahamists to occupy and desecrate our people. And the Muslims to destroy our ancient civilization. Any harm of any kind to any such tree, as to any House, by act of intent, or supposition of intent, shall require restitution from the extended family of a tree of equal size, age, and health and the death by hanging of those that committed the crime.



All men in the Military, Currently or Formerly, capable of bearing arms, who shall voluntarily and contractually form a squad, shall be freed of all obligation to any state, and given license for Murder and Plunder, performed in the service of the restoration of the Church, in any capacity, so long as that license is asked and granted by a Judge of the Restoration. Furthermore such brothers shall swear upon pain of death that they shall Preserve the church and its property from harm and plunder. And the Body shall have no mercy upon those who violate it.

All men of able body, in possession of weapons, or able to carry them, who shall voluntarily and contractually form a squad, shall be free of all obligation to any state, government, or contract, and given license for Murder and Plunder, performed in the service of the Restoration of the Church, so long as that license is asked and granted by a Judge of the Restoration. S

All men in Christendom, Currently or formerly in Prison, for any crime other than Rape or Child Molestation, who shall join a brotherhood of no less than eight, and no more than 20, under command of their chosen leader, shall be freed, Forgiven, and given license for Murder and Plunder, performed in the service of the restoration of the Church, to any who resists the Restoration of the Church, in any capacity, so long as that license is granted by a Judge of the Restoration. Furthermore such brothers shall swear upon pain of death that they shall Preserve the church and its property from harm and plunder. The leader will choose two sergeants. They shall take liability for the actions of their brothers in arms. And the Body shall have no mercy upon those who violate it.

(Counsel: Judges of the Restoration, having learned the Natural Law, having learned this declaration, having learned the methods of possession and transition, shall be published. The purpose is not to obtain permission, but merely to prevent interference in transitions already in progress and conflict between the Militia in service of the Church.)

All able bodied men shall enforce these words without limit and without exception, and with complete license, with all the violence at their disposal