Be A Maker of History – Not A Victim Of It.


Don’t be a douchebag. Listen. It takes about six hours, including research, planning, and prep time for one man to immobilize a city of 50-60K people for one to three days.

Now, I have a job. I am doing my job. My job is creating the set of demands that can be implemented to produce political change. I do more good at this job than that job. But there are plenty of people that are better at that job than my job. And they could divide that six hours over a work week, and five or six of those can guys take out a whole city – continuously.

Why am I saying this? So that people start thinking about transitioning from propagandizing to action. And so that we can cast out the people who won’t act act. Wars of words are over. There is only one solution left, and that is civil war.

Your civilization needs you. So be a maker of history, or disappear from it.


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