0) Do not ask permission, do not hold a rally, just march (maintain maneuver at all times). Prepare everyone for flash mob events in each region and then call them with little notice.1) Distributed, organized, command and control, with clear parking, and multiple primary and secondary exit routes, as well as territorial cover (hiding). This is trivial. The left does it by messaging and email. Distribute maps with ammunition, gasoline, money (ATM’s), food supplies, police, fire, emergency, hospitals, along each route.

2) Demonstrate present success(torches, numbers), rather than past failure.(ie: Nazi stupidity.) No symbols. No power symbols other than sheer numbers. Men, and actions (strength), not symbols and speech (weakness). Stay on message: if you need flags or symbols it means you’re weak.You want people to run, and fear a thing, but not YOU.

3) Total anonymity. Covering faces with bandanas, wearing cheap, disposable, non-identifiable clothing.

4) Using Numbers and Silence Alone: Never engaging in rallies, speeches, discourses or arguments. Only action. “Silence, Patience, Violence.”

5) Start torch groups at incremental distributed staging areas, a block or so apart. End after the torch-march on a win, and retreating into the night with enough people at each.

6) Carrying backpacks full of molotovs to press advance or cover a retreat. A few rifles to drive off a helicopter close enough to observe anything of value. For the majority, small sidearms are lighter, easier to move with, easier to conceal, and totally sufficient at these ranges. Carry at least 200 rounds.

7) Using fire, damage, and injury to occupy first responders. Especially using lengths of chain to short power lines. Leaving teams near transformers to take out power to create darkness.

8) If attacked start with fire, but if rushed, use suppressing fire and kill as many leftists as possible, so that they are terrified to oppose.

9) Multiple exit routes, and pushing through police obstruction with fire, destruction, and weaponry.

10) OWN THE NIGHT. Daytime is the enemy. OWN THE NIGHT. Daytime gives cowards confidence. Own the Night.