Tying It All Together

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SCIENCE: Taking action in order to discover, through the process of elimination, operations with which we can, as a consequence, reason – where the principle problem is removing ignorance, error, bias and deceit from free association, we call hypothesizing.

MATHEMATICS: the use of positional names to describe averages of operations that result in constant relations, themselves resulting in different symmetries at different scales.

Consequently we can use mathematics to discover patterns which we then seek to reduce to operations. And within the human world we can know these operations thorugh subjective testing (sympathy/empathy/self-experience) whether internal (above the intuitive) or external (physical world).

Once we have discovered that set of operations, we can seek the set of operations beneath it – and so on, until we find the lowest possible set of operations from which the universe is constructed.

The physical universe, at its lowest level, consists of a market, just like our own markets, wherein humans are just a very complex (high) scale, across multiple hierarchical markets, each of which consists of symmetries, produced by the limits of operations – just as man is limited by his physical, emotional, and intellectual operations that we call ‘actions’.

When we operate by markets we operate in harmony with the physical universe – meaning the lowest possible friction – and we fulfill life’s purpose at the highest extant level of symmetry, wherein all life serves the purpose of defeating entropy. As such we defeat entropy by the incrementally fastest means possible.

Western man was not first, but he was fastest. Because through truth and eugenics (domestication) he lived in the greatest harmony with the universe.

The explanatory power of (number of philosophical problems this model solves) is profound. In metaphysics we often discuss levels of reality, but again that is another ideal, where operations are actions.

There. I have done it. I have figured out how to say it in simple terms.


Perfect Government

We had the Best System of Government (Perfect Government) and we blew it:

1) Nomocracy (Rule of Law by Natural Law of Torts: Reciprocity)
2) A Hereditary Monarchy as Judge of Last Resort, and custodian of territory, institutions, organizations, families, and individuals….. A State(Foreign Relations) Organization, …. A Professional Military, …. A Professional Judiciary, and …. A Treasury of Last Resort.
3) A Market for Commons consisting of:…. Regional Nobility(Persistent families) serving as a normative Supreme Court …. A House of Industry(Commons) for those with responsibilities….. A Church Serving as a House of Labor and family.
4) A Local (Democratic) Polity(private partnership) of Property Owners…. A Militia and Sheriffs…. Voluntary Civic Organizations
5) The Nuclear Family. And Family and Nation as subject of policy
6) The Individual and Property as the subject of law.

Really. You can’t do much better than that for a ‘steady state’. Because under war or stress the organization can switch from market rule to military rule (Fascism), and under plenty the organization can switch from market rule to (contingent and temporary) redistribution.
The central probelm with all forms of government is nothing more complex than the demographics of the polity. The larger the demonstrated underclass, the less effective a government and the more risk involved and the more limited are one’s options. The smaller the demonstrated underclass, the more effective a government and the less risk involved and the more plentiful (variable) are one’s options.
Market governments cause a natural eugenic change in the distribution, while creating the greatest adaptability, rate of innovation(competition) and highest standard of living.
But they require a militia or at least a dedicated military to bring into being.
Curt Doolittle The Propertarian Institute Kiev, Ukraine


Cooperation is Only Useful, Until it is Not.

Cooperation, whether personal, commercial, political, or military, is only valuable until it is not valuable personally, familially, tribally, or nationally, or not valuable organizationally or politically.

Cooperation is not an intrinsic good any more than violence is an intrinsic bad. They are just useful or not in producing goods and bands.

When cooperation is no longer beneficial, then boycott is in one’s interest. When boycott is no longer beneficial then predation is in one’s interest. And while it is very common that cooperation and boycott are often more valuable, there are many conditions under which violence is preferable to boycott or cooperation.

This is the left’s mistake. This is the state’s mistake. This is most everyone’s mistake.

Never has an empire been so fragile.

Revolutions are always suspect in prospect but deterministic in retrospect.

The question is – can I deprive those with the interest in change of confidence in all alternatives such that they will work in very small groups to bring about constitutional, political, and civil change?

I think so. Desperation will sink in. When desperate, and with vision of the future, and a plan of action, it’s all possible.

Trivial even.



National (Middle Class) Socialism, Vs International (Underclass) Communism

National Socialism (Tribalism) Pro Western vs. International Communism (Classism) Anti-Western.

National Socialism: Defensive Strategy: Monopoly High Culture, Industrialized production of commons, Public limits on and cooperation with Industry, Private commerce, Not autarkic but highly nationalist trade biases. With the purpose of policy the intergenerational family, and the suppression of the underclasses. Right of Exit. (Middle Class and Working Class Bias)

International Communism: Offensive Strategy: Monopoly Low Culture, Industrialized production of commons, Public control of industry, public control of commerce, Not Autarkic but Expansionist. The purpose of policy the ‘individual’, and the expansion and ‘uplifting’ of the underclasses. (Laboring Class and Underclass Bias)

You know the ancient world origins of judaism, christianity, and islam are in the underclass revolution against the (white) aristocracy, by replacing tragedy, sacrifice, and the trials of Achilles (the wealthy farmers), with the tragedy, sacrifice, and the trials of Jews, Jesus, Muhammed (the poor pastoralists).

Why do you think that National Socialism (Nationalist Middle Class, Economic warfare) versus International Communism (Universalist Underclass Economic Warfare) is any different in our era than the battle between the high trust middle class agrarian traders, and the low trust lower class pastoralist laborers?

What is the difference between postmodernism and christianity? None. They’re both for the purpose of making false promises to the underclasses so that they use their numbers to destroy the aristocracy and create a dark age.


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Simple consistent message. Tech yes, assuming improvements. Money No.