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As always, in all human endeavors, it’s incentives:

1 – Mark is a left wing outsider from NY. In other words, it’s his background.

2 – Media people treat gossip as a skill and virtue and good, and are draw to media occupations. They are outsiders in productive industries. They are also the population most dependent upon others for false signals, and therefore most offended by truth signals.

3 – FB hires mostly young inexperienced people and in particular benefits from immigration of people who are outsiders, and who are inspired by the false narratives.

4 – FB is a bit of a cult (as are Google, Amazon, certainly wikipedia and the academy.) This happens whenever there is vast asymmetry of returns in a business, government, or religion.

5 – Once you consume the upper classes (FB originally did) you can only expand the scope of people in your customer base by creating increasingly safer information environments for lower and lower (more easily offended) people, who require increasing isolation from information that they disagree with, in order to not feel excluded (as they do in real life) while using the platform. TRUTH IS EXCLUDING because we are all more or less valuable to others that we have the opportunity to interact with.

6 – In other words, it’s personal, cultural, and economic incentives.


Facebook, Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, Quora, and the Academy, the School System, the government bureaucracies, and in particular leftist politicians, all have greater incentives to serve inoffensive, bias-confirming, Dunning-Kruger-satisfying, mythology to their customers.

**People rarely want the truth**. They want an excuse to feel their status is higher than it demonstrably is given market conditions. The human accounting system of self work is status. Self perceived, and other perceived. In fact, much of television and advertising exists to appeal to this vulnerability.

Marxism Postmodernism as well as the Abrahamic REligions, all appeal to this weakness of desiring to be more genetically, reproductively, socially, economically, and politically ‘higher’ than they are. This is why hyperconsumption works. We do not teach people piety in the abrahamic sense, or mindfulness in the ‘woo’ sense, or stoicism in the scientific sense.

When **Marxism** (The myth of the equality of the classes) was no longer intellectually possible by the 1950’s or 1960’s – despite the pseudosciences of Marx, Freud, Boaz, and the Frankfurt school, the **Postmodernists** (largely the French under Derrida and Americans like Rorty) changed the propaganda (“Institutional Narrative”) from **Classism** as the means by which the underclasses could not change their status due to (nonexistent) oppression, to **Identity and Racism** as the means by which the underclasses could not change their status due to (nonexistent) oppression.

Remember that **Marx**, **Boaz**,**Freud**, and **Frankfurt** School – and even Cantor, are Pseudoscientific movements that fed the classes of previous farm labor and domestic service, newly-risen to consumers by the industrial (capitalist) revolution, a vast set of lies, in order to drown out the rather obvious work of **Maxwell**, **Darwin**, **Weber**, **Pareto**, **Durkheim**, **Spencer**, **Nietzsche**. And they used the same techniques as did the Abrahamic religions (Islam was a heresy of Christianity, and Christianity a Heresy of Judaism, and Judaism a reaction to the invention of reason) to form an counter-revolution against the aristocratic, legal, and scientific revolution provided by the Romans, Greeks, and Persians. So the **first dark age** was created by Magical Religion, and the **second dark age** will either be created by reemergent Magical Religion or by Magical Knowledge we call “Pseudoscience”.

Instead, we are —quite empirically — **more or less desirable** as mates, friends, coworkers, members of a polity, and citizens in a state, because we are more or less sociable (costly/rewarding), we are more or less reproductively desirable, more or less useful to one another in daily life, we are more or less useful to each other in production, more or less useful in organizing people to produce commons, and place more or less costs upon each other in social, economic, and political organization.

In particular, in humans, the more **symmetric, pedomorphic, aquiline**, features are more desirable regardless of race, subrace, and for very good evolutionary reasons: easier detection of superior biology, easy detection of longer life, easy detection of more amenable termperaments, because of longer time for mental and social development, by the delay of sexual development, and lower depth of sexual development. In other words, greater pedomorphism and lower impulsivity and higher trust, and longer development cycles, create greater opportunity for cooperation, and the outsized returns of cooperation versus even the most capable individual.

And among the Races, Subraces, Tribes, Clans, Families, we some have been more successful at eliminating the underclasses and thereby ‘domesticating’ themselves as we have domesticated animals. And some have been less successful at eliminating the underclasses, and have not domesticated themselves as we have domesticated many animals. As such the size of the underclass is much larger, and the median much lower, and therefore the institutions, traditions, morals, ethics, norms, habits, and manners are those that are suitable to the majority.

And this manifests itself largely in the ability to learn (which decreases rapidly at every seven to ten points of IQ, and in the ability of people to cooperate on increasingly complex divisions of labor while forgoing opportunities for self reward.

And you can’t find evidence anywhere in the human world to contradict this that isn’t merely economic necessity among the most destitute and lonely.
This is reality.

So basically all companies, states, and religions that are not regulated by laws against the spread of falsehood, will harm a population by spreading falsehoods and feelgoods in interest of attracting revenues (companies), votes and taxes(states), and bodies(religion).

( Thankfully it is possible, at least in the near future to limit falsehoods and truths about mankind. Just as we limit what can be said about products and services. )

End the lies.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine