Quora consists very heavily of ‘fake’ questions produced by bots, low wage workers, ‘students’ (too lazy to use google), and volunteers. Originally it was closer to Medium today. There were good people here, and it was worth answering questions – a bit like Medium is today.

Quora does not create a ‘wikipedia’ competitor which retains good answers as a form of capital. (See Stack Overflow and it’s related sites instead).

Wikipedia is about as biased and cultish as an organization can get. I don’t bother editing pages any longer.

There are many startups trying to solve this problem (over-democratization produces decreasing returns on intellectual investment.) or stated otherwise, the bigger you get the dumber you need to be.

I think most of us are choosing Medium right now – but as I understand it they’re a hobby business that is under threat. Their pricing is out of line.

I do most of my work on facebook, and have thousands of followers there.

Unfortunately there is no good solution YET. Although people are working on them.