1. Today we can determine at least three or four major races today , and about 30-some-odd minor or sub-races, and a few hundred major tribes, and a larger number of clans.
  2. It is very hard to rewind the clock, but it’s clear that waves have emerged out of africa and the levant, that the earliest wave followed the water. Aside from that wave and the round vs almond eyes, the others are harder to judge. Although we see very clear clusters. (which we see in haplogroups.
  3. It is not clear that the additional waves spread from africa or the levant. It is increasingly suspicious that the black sea , caspian sea, persian gulf, and mediterranean, and Nile provided a trade network between the major continents – although sub-saharan africa was largely fed through trade via today’s yemen – and that trade friction east and west across the african interior is extremely challenging. You can see the genetic vector thru africa is through ethiopia, and the arab vector is through the narrows of ethiopia-yemen. So while early migrations followed the obvious water routes, it is more likely that subsequent migrations. And in particular the caucasian( European – Iranian(semitic,north african) – Indian) expansion was as successful as the earlier peoples we call today the southeast asians.
  4. It is not clear how west-eurasians, and in particular whites, developed -although it appears that they developed along the edge of the ice age around 20k years ago.
  5. But by the time of the invention of metalworking, the different regions had begun to speciate, (adapt to local conditions), and that the rapid increase in population, prosperity, and trade made possible by metalworking, husbandry, and early agrarianism began to interfere with speciation.
  6. All races developed using very utilitarian selection more so than mutation, by selecting for pedomorphic traits that are more useful in cooperation. However, some groups were more able than others. In particular east asians were most successful at isolating themselves from steppe and desert people. And europeans were less but largely successful. And so were africans.
  7. The largest differences between races and subraces are the degree of pedomorphic evolution, and the bias for female or male traits. And this is most evident by the relative SIZE OF EACH GROUP’S CLASSES when distributed by the two dominant personality traits of IQ and Conscientiousness. And more so by the bias between female and mail behavioral traits.
  8. All peoples demonstrate kin selection at all scales which is why people vote almost entirely by race when under race competition, subrace when under subrace competition, religion, when under religious competition, class when under class competition. And this is necessary for the simple reason that elites either carry or do not carry kin, for the simple reason that the pareto equilibrium is inescapable in organizing humans in voluntary organizations of production, and the nash equilibrium is inescapable in friendship, mating, and exchange.
  9. Abrahamic religion was the first successful mass movement of fictionalism that was able to rally the underclasses(pastoralists) against the aristocracy (metalworkers and agrarians). And it culminated in the Abrahamic Dark Age that cost something on the order of 500M lives.
  10. Abrahamic rationalism was developed first by Augustine, but modernized by kant. then Abrahamic pseudoscience was developed by Boaz, Marx, Freud, Cantor, Mises, the Frankfurt school. But it was demonstrated to be false by the 1960’s when The french invented Postmodernism by simply denying all scientific truths in order to create a new abrahamic fictionalism (falsehood) we call political correctness. However, they are all just outright fabrications, just as the original abrahamic religions were all just outright fabrications.
  11. So today we try to prevent the second abrahamic dark age, and restore science instead of pseudoscience, truth instead of political correctness and postmodernism, rule of law instead of socialist rule by discretion, and cooperative tripartism instead of the lie of equality.

This map of world haplogroups shows that between africa and east asia, how close or distant we are from one another.

The indo-iranian-european expansion was … extremely successful and led to civilizations. The Iranian most successful of all. The arab-african counter-enlightenment (Abrahamic Dark Age) destroyed the great empires and by 1200 had set in course the impoverishment of the ancient world’s breadbasket.

In europe almost all of us existing are very near kin, because we literally killed off most of our underclasses between 700 and 1200.