Economic consumption is, like drugs, or religion, a comforting method of personal, familial, cultural, and political suicide.
Some people think about their near term experiences, some about their children’s, some of their peoples long term horizons. (ie: the left, the libertarian, the right.)

That which is unique about anglo civilization is incompatible with the faustian bargain that the french-and-german have chosen.

The united states will have a second civil war soon because we have resisted returning to the european model of different states, and tried to preserve our inherited british empire in a world where we no longer possess economic and technological asymmetry.

Meanwhile Europe, following the USA, assumes that she will achieve american economic and military prowess through unity. This might be possible if divided into protestant, catholic, orthodox civilizations just as american continuity might be possible if divided into Germanic (central), Scotts Irish(southern), Anglo (new england), white “Coastal Islanders” (seattle, portland, san francisco), and Jewish (New york city, Los Angeles).

The fact is that the Han, Korean, and Japanese have won the argument: Homogeneity wins over the long term. Ethnicity wins over diversity. Executive government wins over democracy.

When I watch the japanese and koreans and now the chinese, I still remember when we were like that – rather than a house, a thousand times divided.

The value is not scale but smallness.
The only value to scale is war.
Small polities produce political, economic, and social equality -because they can.
Move capital to people not people to capital.
Equilibrate differences in production through trade negotiation.

In the coming technological era, when not only phiysical labor but clerical labor is no longer productive, political economic and social asymmetry will increase dramatically, and the returns on popllitical control even more exacerbated than modern medieval and ancient eras.

Ergo *the greatest advantage any demographic possesses is homogeneity and a continuously shrinking under class, lower class, and laboring class.*

Let each group pay the costs of continuous modernization rather than burdening others. Thi sis the only way to create cooperative rather competing politics and norms.

The future is Switzerland or the Levant/India/Brazil/South America.

The Anglo Peoples, during the period of expansion, produced a continuous civilization of our own. Britain can either return to her leadership of our people, or continue to decline into a client state of either germany or america.

We are not capable of holding the flag any longer.

We have been invaded by the third world.

And we will now have a civil ar to separate from them.

Apr 02, 2018 12:16pm