Even though they are most like us, East Asians made a few mistakes in history – principally beginning with confucius not solving the problem of politics because it would be offensive. and worse, converting from their original empirical rule, to moral rule, when their civilization got so large that they overwhelmed their institutions. and worse, when they resisted technological innovation as ‘disruptive’. and worse when mao tried to stop the separation of ruling but poor north from wealthy south.

Love of harmony is actually a catastrophic mistake.

Instead, love reciprocity.

We made the same mistake with christianity. Not submission but reciprocity.

And you know, that’s all I do right? Try to restore Violence, Sovereignty, Reciprocity, Natural Law, and Markets in Everything.

Nietzche wasn’t right you know. He understood the problem. He just was entirely wrong about what to do with it.

You cannot produce harmony via positive, but via negative: by demand for reciprocity you will produce continuously evolutionary harmony at the expense of the current status quo – and thereby prevent rents and calcification that enventually produce vulnerability to competitors and shocks.

Apr 02, 2018 2:05pm