1 – “All human organizations evolve to maximize rents, until it is impossible for those organizations to adapt to change or shocks.”

2 – “Organizations that collapse due to the maximization of rents, and inability to adapt to shocks, do not recover.”

3 – “Collapse is caused by competing organizations with fewer or lower accumulated rents – seeking military economic religious and demographic expansion.”

4 -“Collapse is preventable by extermination of rents, by the preservation of markets for association, reproduction, production, production of commons, production of defense.”

5 – “Markets in everything are producible by a government that shifts from redistributive(liberal), to productive(classical), to warfare (fascism) in response to changing circumstances.”

6 – “Unfortunately, the human intuition is to pursue decreases in effort to calculate, and to maximize regularity, so that fringe opportunities are of the lowest cost to seize with the lowest need to organize to exploit them. And therefore, the human intuition is false (counter) at scale – as in all things. Those who seek regularity seek the luxury of freedom from adaptation”.

7 – “ergo the only possible means of institutionalizing scale is markets in everything, under a government unable to institutionalize policies that provide discounts in exchange for reducing the ability to adapt to shocks.”

8 – “that which does not kill you does in fact make you stronger, and the process of continually maintaining and building strength to resist the vicissitudes of man and nature, is produced via negativa : by preservation of competition in al things using markets in all things.”