I’m interested in input from atheist ex muslims who have STEM or economics/finance education, and whose profile pages I can feel confident approving as friends. I have a pretty good network in the spanish speaking world. I’m building a good network in africa of people I can count on for advice and insight. I hope to reach out to china this year but that’s going to be ‘bloody’ I think.

I have recently lost a few people in the islamic world because while I have already worked through judaism and christianity, I am now working through islam – or rather, the arab conquest, and I”m losing people to my criticisms just as I lost christians and jews working through their ‘abrahamic nonsense’.

The problem is that while jews and christians have passed through the enlightenment and while christians have completed their counter-revolution against it, and jews are just ending their counter-revolution against it, the muslims are deep in the midst of it, and do not have a clear vision of their future once that history has been historicized (converted to history and science). So while I do find people in Turkey fairly frequently, I seem to have trouble finding ethnic persians and arabs.

It takes a great deal of moral courage and intellectual honesty to overcome the deceptions that began thousands of years ago, and to acknowledge the horrible consequences that each of our cultures have put upon the world because of these falsehoods, as well as because of the profitability of conquest and empire. So the number of people that I can work with is limited to the extremely intellectually brave and honest.

So I’m going to remind people the very DISCIPLINED way in which I work. I work via-negativa. I make arguments to undermine every assumption we hold dear, so that I can find the few ideas that are ‘good’ underneath them, and the counter intuitive ideas that produce negative externalities, and the outright falsehoods that produce constant damage to every human generation.

And again, it is not easy to do this in the first place, and it is not comfortable. And it takes a certain kind of person to follow me on this journey.

In the end my opinion is this: the primary difference between groups of homo-sapiens-sapiens is in the sizes of our underclasses, and the achievements of the far ends of the west and the east are due to our ability to reduce the relative sizes of our underclasses, while this hasn’t been equally possible in other parts of the world.

Or in very simple terms, If we all speak ‘aristotelian’ then anyone capable of speaking aristotelian ‘science’ is compatible. The problem is there is a threshold by which we can speak ‘aristotelian’. The underclass is a dead weight and always has been.

In this sense, all of our peoples can transcend (evolve) in to the gods we once admired.

Apr 09, 2018 7:11pm