Correct.1. Fascism and Nationalism have emerged as the optimum political order for modernization – meaning, a strong monopoly government that forbids competition, and that operates primarily in the national interest (creating wealth) by the production commons that produce returns, has and will always and everywhere succeed at modernization.

2. The 20th century experiment with socialism (government control production distribution and trade) had been a failure – everywhere. And in most cases has lost the ‘window of opportunity’ for rapid growth.

3. The 20th century ‘threat’ that peoples must (a) respect borders, and (b) adopt consumer capitalism, has been a success.

4. The 20th century experiment with democracy has been a failure because it only serves to distribute windfalls due to technology or conquest in an already-advanced (meaning middle class) civilization.

5. The outlier is Iran’s attempt to restore the caliphate from the mediterranean to india, under a regressive theocratic (kleptocratic) system of rule. The Kingdoms (which are probably the optimum government) have finally lost fear of the expansion of fundamentalism and communism and are slowly reorganizing to suit both modernity and their demographics.

6. The dirty secret of the 20th century is that the western ambition of an aristocracy of everyone has failed, because each society is limited by the size of its underclasses, and while the northern europeans have all but eradicated theirs through manorialism and upward redistribution of reproduction, the rest of the world other than perhaps the han/korean/japanese still is heavily burdened by underclasses that lack not only education, knowledge, experience, and traditions, but the *ability* to process information necessary for political decision making – and are just pawns of malcontents the world over.