—“We didn’t have better generals than the Germans. We didn’t have better NCO’s than the Germans either… What we did have was the fact that we had broken the Nazi code. After that, knowing what the great German generals were going to do next made our generals’ decisions rather easy. We knew when and where the German convoys were going to be, and proceeded to sink them. For contrast, look at the Battle of the Bulge…. Late 1944, Germany was lost….but maintaining radio silence and thereby not giving away their plan, they managed to launch a massive counterattack against the Allies in the Ardennes. It nearly worked, except that the German tanks ran out of fuel. Without the advantage of deciphered German messages, our generals were no match against the German High Command. Over in the Pacific, the battle of Midway wasn’t won by superior US strategy from our Admirals. It was won by breaking the Japanese code and realizing the next attack would be on the tiny island of Midway. Without that advantage, that battle would probably have been lost. Sure our soldiers still had to fight the battles and win, but it helps to be on top of the hill shooting down at your enemy rather than the other way around. So the foreknowledge of knowing where to be and when to be there, was instrumental in many an Allied victory.”—