It’s (((Their))) whole counter-reaction against the scientific revolution. I use key figures to show a trend, (Boas, Marx, Freud, Cantor, Mises, Frankfurt school, Rand/Rothbard, the SPLU/ACLU but the number of them resisting modernity is nearly all of them. They want cosmopolitanism (pastoralism) as do women, where they are not responsible for territorial commons. But if we look at where that’s been tried (levant) it requires oppressive empires, expands tribalism, and generates low trust conditions, and poverty. I’m not sure, since (((they))) have, and cosmopolitanism has, failed everywhere else, why they think ‘this time will be different’ . It wont. Rousseau and the french start the trend that evolved into the technique we call postmodernism. Kant expands it. Marx expands it, and when marxism fails the french then invent postmodernism, and (((they))) adopt it as well. The french are deeply feminine, and anti-aristocracy. (((They))) are deeply feminine and anti-aristocracy. We are deeply masculine and deeply pro aristocracy. And it’s pretty easy to see that the effeminate prosper under our ‘protections’ but that they will take it too far into undermining us with the privileges we give them with aristocracy (markets in everything).