Any people with wealth will buy trinkets. Any people with wealth can participate in the luxury of the arts. Any people can produce gossip, ridicule, moral hazard, and gossip. Any people who work at it can produce propaganda.

The question is, how many people raise humanity out of ignorance, superstition, poverty, starvation, hard labor, child mortality, early death, disease, suffering, the vicissitudes of nature, and a universe hostile to life?

How did western people do that in a few hundred years in the ancient world, and a few hundred years in the modern, while all of humanity slowly stumbled along?

Why is it that the jews, the most literate people in europe, a people who claim such success, did nothing, accomplished nothing, until we nearly forcibly converted them to rule of law and aristotelianism, kicking and screaming against us all the while?

I have no problem in respecting people’s traditions, but if anything they have done more harm to humanity with their adoption of the female technique of creating moral hazard, backed by disapproval, shaming, ridicule, gossip, rallying, propagandizing, and its near industrialization in every form. In other words, the technique of undermining the moral order of every civilization that hosts them.

So lets be a little more honest in our understanding of history, and not fall into more propaganda and hazard creation.

Socrates, Aristotle, Archimedes and Zeno created the world we live in.

They, on the other hand, created the industrialization of the most catastrophic deception that has ever existed on this earth: pilpul, justificationism, fictionalism, and the art of profiting from destroying a people through undermining their trust in one another.

They have been the most destructive people in human history and are the antithesis of greek thought, and roman moral universalism, resulting a nearly a billion dead, the dark ages, and the near repeat of their cause of the dark ages in the modern world?

So, before anyone gets too self congratulatory let’s be a little more scientific in our analysis. Almost every good in human existence is due to the southern movement of corded ware peoples into greece, and the development of the hierarchy of math, logic, idealism, rational philosophy, proto-science, and aristotelianism, and it’s conversion into stoicism, empirical administration, and roman law by the romans. Every other discovery or addition is trivial by comparison and I’m happy to argue everything from persian astrology to arabic numerals to chinese paper, to indian steel. Wealthy peoples will eventually develop many technologies by trial and error, and will converge on techniques, but no other people invented reason – none, and no other people created adaptive market civilizations and rule of law because of it.

The greeks invented idealism. The Rabbis adopted it. This is the beginning of rabbinical judaism. They Rabbis Combined Pilpul (justificationism that we see in numerology, astrology, and religious interpretation), Idealism, and mythology (invented to justify claiming ownership of lands upon persian retreat), to create their poly-ethical (‘immoral’) law.

The genetic advantage of the Jews originated in that they began with north african (semitic) levels of aggression and tribalism (do the research since the aggression gradient radiates out of the red sea), they have been through multiple population bottlenecks, and then rebuilt populations from very small numbers (possibly only in the hundreds), then funded the reproduction of their smartest, practiced serial marriage, and outcast anyone unable to master the traditions. Rabbinical breeding (small variations in top performer family size) in a small population will produce eugenic effects (at the high cost of genetic diseases) far faster than the average person understands. Contra select for verbal acuity in their males produced transfer of gender dimorphism resulting in transfer of female verbal ability to males, at the cost of well known but impolitic problems in the male genome. (This research is very difficult to assemble for obvious postwar reasons but it’s obvious to the dedicated.)

However, the claims of jewish contribution are false – it’s precisely the opposite. In fact, prior to Einstein it’s hard to find anything, which is why his brand is protected so aggressively.

The jews invented the cause of the dark ages: Abrahamism, that lost them their territory by underinvestment in commons, doomed them to that medieval condition and near extermination, destroyed the western aristocracy of the ancient world, and gave islam its methodology, with which islam destroyed the four great civilizations of the ancient world by conquest and consumption, killed half a billion or more people, and by 1200 had caused intellectuals under muslim rule to flee to the west – thankfully returning scraps of greek knowledge that the christians and muslims had all but extinguished by burning, or closing the greek and roman schools. (I specialize in the means of deception we call ‘abrahamism’ which is the use of (european) human vulnerability to optimistic suggestion to create and then exploit moral hazards. We created a low clannish, low tribal, outbred, high trust civilization – and the only one other than the Japanese – but we are vulnerable because of that trust. (We do not know if it’s genetic or not yet.)

The jews, despite being the most literate people in europe contributed absolutely nothing to civilization – at all. No arts, no monuments, no sciences, no letters, and by the time they were liberated, were so internally superstitious that they were considered mentally incompetent by the end of the 19th c. (Do the research.)

They medieval jews specialized in moral hazards that ‘good christians’ would not participate in: (a) moneylending to the poor then exploiting their dependence, (b) tax collection particularly in borderlands and questionable returns to the state, (c) using a+b to obtain property with which to extract rents. This resulted universally in the peasants (farmers and craftsmen) taking every opportunity to exterminate the jews, particularly during the plague era.

In the modern world jews were responsible for the counter-scientific revolution that included boasian pseudoscientific anthropology, marxism’s pseudoscientific economics and sociology, the pseudoscience of authoritarianism we call psychology and the means of shaming and ridicule we call ‘psychologizing’, the re-platonizing of mathematics through cantorian sets, the organized ridicule, shaming, and degradation of the representational, heroic, mythical, and romantic arts (modern art), disproportionately responsible for the soviet catastrophe, the membership in the secret police, and consequential genocides, and the near repeat of their destruction of the great civilizations of the ancient world, through their advocacy of the calamity of socialism and communism.

Worse has been the use of favoritism and funding to stack universities yet the systematic legal prosecution of western continuation of the same habit (a violation of reciprocity), their systemic attack on the vulnerability of our constitutional solution to the judiciary that allows the court to render judgements rather than return decisions to congress, by the intentional, well funded, selective prosecution of cases that force the court to legislate from the bench. Their funding and support for the 1964 immigration act by which they hoped to import underclasses to achieve through immigration that which had not been achievable by marxist revolution, socialist economics, frankfurt school ‘pseudo history’.

Today we still see jews dominating industries that profit from moral hazard and eschew all responsibility for warranty of consequences, by incremental destruction of our high trust norms: Entertainment, Media, Propaganda, Gossip, Pornography, Finance, Rent seeking, Academy, and Law.

Whatever people claim we can judge the quality of their character by the industries they occupy: those which products are warrantied and those which are not.

As sowell said, our elites today are ‘articulate and full of promise’ bu but the evidence is that those articulate elites are not only short on delivery, but have resulted in the total absence of an increase in productivity in the american economy since the 1970’s.

There are few economists that can hold this discussion with me but the reason that we have not gained in income and productivity is because of the policies that have been extremely destructive to the rest of the world, have been simply harder to implement here.

If we imposed the same warranty of due diligence we require of products and services on academic, political and economic speech those occupations filled with articulate people promising impossibilities in order to create and profit from moral hazard would be vacated and our civilization restored to its prior productivity progress and order.