Also: The problem for sub saharan africa (and for most of the world) is (a) the tradition of stealing on behalf of your family tribe and clan, and (b) the expression of this tradition in *corruption*.

The only fix for corruption is not to demand good people (they don’t exist) but to create good judges.

If you demand uncorrupt judges (and kill them if they are not uncorrupt), the judges will prosecute politicians.

Until you have an army or police force, and a judiciary that is paid enough that corruption is not ‘valuable’, then it does not matter what government you have.

step 1. soldiers who protect the people.
step 2. judges who are not corrupt
step 3. police (or soldiers) who will enforce the judge’s rule.

It is cheaper to create highly paid police and judges than to create a highly paid military.

The world is very simple if we stop trying to find good men, and instead, punish people who are bad – leaving only good people able to work in government.

Ukraine has the same problem. Every poor country has the same problem.

Westerners do not have this problem because we were always a militia – meaning all men fight. This is the secret to western successes. It all begins with our militia.