Humans hit each other. I have had to teach every woman in every relationship not to hit me. Women conduct more domestic violence than men.Women are responsible for more verbal abuse than men. Women are responsible for more child abuse than men.

The difference is that they aren’t dangerous – and men are. So, while I don’t do it, and I’m not cool about it, I’ve seen too many men take hits to the face from women that should have been slapped. I can definitely see slapping each other, which has been the method we used throughout history to say ‘ok, this is across the line’. And I’m not sure the world is better off without slapping each other once in a while.

Why? Because slapping tends to de-escalate, and persisting in argument tends to escalate.

Conflict is best settled early and clearly rather than continuously escalating through verbal and situational abuses.


by Ana Stowe

—“Is hitting ok?”—

Oh I see. This is a question from a man who likes women who bite and wants the thrill of taming her.

It’s the same selfish line of reasoning as a woman who dates the dregs of society thinking she can “fix” him.

I say “selfish” because neither thinks of the children. Have you ever even been around domestic violence? Gotten a frantic phone call from a younger sibling who’s scared because they saw dad hit mom through a crack in the bedroom door?

Men who hit women have an awful effect on the children. And your wife, your children, and everyone who knew you will breathe a sigh of relief and spit on your grave when you’re dead.

Stop indulging in film noire fantasies and get a woman who’s going to work with you for the wellbeing of your children