Irish and italian immigrants (catholics) had precisely the effect on the political order that protestants argued they would. In fact, the protestants have been correct every single time without fail, that the underclasses (catholics are largely the underclass and protestants largely the middle class) would destroy the experiment in ‘a third way’ government not by aristocracy or church but by the middle class and in the interests of the middle class.

That’s why the constitution is so close to natural law (tort). Because the USA was conceived of as a middle class (propertied agrarian) alternative to the Old Order of Europe. And all the underclasses european and otherwise have sought to undermine this experiment under the insane illusion that the wealth generated by a middle class ‘third way’ will survive the existence of underclasses imported from around the world. It can’t. Europe excelled after 700 almost entirely because bipartite manorialism is brutally eugenic, and by the late middle ages all of europe above the Hajnal line was genetically middle class. That’s the truth. It’s not ideas. IT’S GENES.