The suppression of local rents by the empire and the increases in trade from the north sea to india made choices available to the underclasses in the past, just as the industrial revolution made choices available to the underclasses in modernity.

And so you’re saying that because it is far harder to train those unwashed filthy, ignorant, and rather stupid masses in rational thought, the common law of reciprocity, and stoic virtues, and heroic myths, that we should allow the spread of marxist, socialist, postmodern, pseudoscientific, supernatural, and authoritarian falsehoods and allow another abrahamic dark age ‘because the self same uplifted underclasses cannot bear the reality of their lower sexual, social, economic, and political market value, despite their newfound ability to experience, and consume, because of their betters.

So yes, there was an abrahamic dark age. No it does not matter what semi-domesticated animals feel, want, desire, when they can be trained to be at least far better domesticated animals with a bit of cost and effort.

We lost over a THOUSAND YEARS, we lost multiple great civilizations, multiple lines of intellectual thought, because of the jewish conversion of roman deflationary language (idealism) into moral sophisms (that you do not know you are yourself repeating at this very moment). The christian destruction of knowledge, the arab destruction of knowledge and the failure of jews with the greatest ability and greatest literacy to do NOTHING AT ALL GOOD and everything possible bad to mankind before we forced aristotelianism upon them in exchange for their freedom – no longer worrying that they would cause prior catastrophes.

So I do understand history. I just don’t make EXCUSES for the familiar, the weak, who, out of twisting my compassion would again put us into ignorance and deceit.

Why is it a good, to tolerate those subhumans lacking the agency to face existential reality? It’s demonstrably not. It’s just more rewarding to rule them, and profit from doing so than it is to outright kill them off.

Or at least, it was until recently.

Now it looks like the opposite is true.