As I’ve said before, the ratio of police to citizens is very low, and the number of casualties they will absorb before they stay in the barracks or stay home is under ten percent. They are not 19 year old single male soldiers, with combined arms, but 105 IQ working class high dominance men with families, getting overpaid with good pensions – they are mercenaries and mercenaries always fold. In a PLANNED revolution, everything depends on the demands. Make moral demands that solve the problems of political, social, and economic conflict, and those who choose sides will act rationally by those incentives not out of fear and uncertainty. In chaos people will hold order as long as they hold confidence. All humans are predictable. The proletarian anarchists will tie down the national guard and the police. If the working and middle classes are told to store food and water and medicine for three months, they have the money and credit to do so. The underclass anarchists do not. If the disruption is sufficient for the regular military to be called, the financial markets and foreign powers will do the rest. Never fight a battle directly. Scribe the dike and let the sheer weight of the water do the work. With the right direction and incentives the military will achieve in government what is in their and the people’s interests.