( Curt Doolittle > Paul Conroy ) (counter-ad-hom)

I dunno Paul, most thinkers come up with one or two innovations, and I’ve come up with at least two, if not three or more. And, um, the ‘masses’ hardly are able to comprehend my dense operationally-grammared, SAT-word, syntheses, which is fairly common knowledge, and my average follower closer to 140 than the 110 island-120-wanna-be’s. But you know, I could be wrong. And if you could put together an argument of any kind whatsoever, perhaps you could be right. So far you’re just a pleb, a punk, a soyboy, and an incel using your cat as a sex toy…… And all you’re doing is providing me with entertainment value. Which honestly, I do appreciate, since the heavy burden of actually thinking for a living can be draining.

(You see, you can’t really do that from a chair at the academy. Which is unfortunate, because it’s needed. And often.)