by Eric Blankenburg

America should have never gotten involved in the Great War. Without American involvement the war would have ended with a new balance of power like previous European wars. There wouldn’t have been an absolute surrender, reparations imposed by the French, and the German hyperinflation, all of which created the Nazis.

There is also a good case to be made that without America’s involvement, the Germans wouldn’t have signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk so they could focus on the war with the west. Had Russia stayed in the war, they communists may not have been able to consolidate their power across Russia.

The Progressive Era and especially Woodrow Wilson set the stage for so many government evils in the U.S. that we see today. The income tax, Federal Reserve, direct election of Senators, alcohol prohibition, first drug prohibition laws, and American involvement in European wars, which the Founder warned us against. The Nazis also learned their crud views on eugenics from American and British Progressives.