Trump knows how to play brinkmanship, and he is fully aware that everyone at the table understands that the bloodiest civil war in human history is hanging over Washington’s head. He cannot lose. The only way to win is to leave him alone and ignore him. Everything else just makes him more powerful, further reinforces the base, advances his longer term objectives of withdrawing the states from paying the costs of policing the worlds institutions of finance, transport, and trade.

People who work in bureaucracies, particularly in the civilized west, who have little knowledge of military and political history, who have never had the responsibility of building businesses at scale, particularly with little personal money, and particularly in a trade as corrupt as construction and the demands of construction in relation to state bureaucracies, unions, and foreign corruption are profoundly naive.

The most powerful method of management in an environment of mistrust is chaos, by which one applies long term pressure to achieve strategic ends.

It’s not complicated. It’s trivially simple. You just need financial and political independence, and minority of men willing to kill for you.

And that is because I do the same thing…..