by Steven Kolpek

Gen Y is the bridge generation.
That’s me, Zuckerberg, Phelps, Gadot and such.

We’re the ones who grew up with the oil wars, waco, and school shootings, the birth of the internet, the launch of ISS, and the berlin wall.

Did you have a Nintendo? Gameboy? Tomagotchi? Pikachu? Playstation?

Was the movie “american psycho” your career ambition? Were you called a loser? Did you wear skinny jeans? Punk Music? Did you see the first matrix, jurassic park, and titanic in the theate? Did you read harry potter and game of thrones when they came out and try to bring that world about?

The problem is that demographers use the rates of population and sociologists use the experiences and motivations. My generatoin has none of the identity politics of millennials, just the opposite.

We were raised with the highest expectations and promises, only to emerge into our teens to see the catastrophe of 9/11/2001, the consequences of the Feminist movement, the crime, the drugs, the decay, the unemployment, the obama administration and we sought opportunity in the internet revolution to work our asses off and make it big’


(CD: This is awesome. Need one for GenX. 50’s Boomers, 60’s Boomers)
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