—“Curt, what are your thoughts on metamodernism?”—

No matter how you slice it, activists on the left are nothing more than human cattle seeking the monopoly of a cattle herd, the indifference (equality) of cattle in a herd, and the safety of cattle in the herd, in order to obtain a sense of ‘not being left behind’, and ‘a sense of control over a world” in which the continuous production of differences and hierarchies is constantly equilibrated by markets that are by definition out of our control, but entirely in our service.

People who obtain their direction from the movement of the herd, their information from the herd, and color their decisions from the herd, display the cognitive biases of the herd: the sentiments of women.

Meanwhile the conservative says “if we simply raise good families, and produce good commons the markets will provide by externality all that we can want or imagine”. These are the cognitive biases of the pack. The sentiments of men. It was men who made markets, property, families, marriage, continuous innovation, and the worship of the sun and stars, against the will of women, who at all times and all places seek to return us to the primitivism that is not in their interest but ours.

The left are to be sated, comforted, and disciplined, but like women, never permitted to fulfill their ambitions and return us to primitivism.