Man is wired (evolved) to know what is in his interests, what will cause retaliation, and what will purchase options on future cooperation, and that he must punish cheaters(defectors).

It’s just in our interests, increasingly, to act morally, because of the returns on moral cooperation, but if you look at history and if you look at the total absence outside of western civilizatino of high trust other than perhaps japane (which sacrifices truth for it), then the answer is just the opposite.

If I accomplish anything I hope to eradictate is christian/rousseauian/feminine fantasy that man is wired for morality.

Man evolved to be eminently practical: the act predatorially, parasiticlaly, reciproccally, and to invest, as opportunity presents itself.

We are just an extension of the laws of physics, and our only difference is the ability to use memory to keep accounting of whether we’re gaining or losing over time in an environment of possible cooperation.