Um, technically speaking it’s Pilpul I have a problem with regardless of whether it’s in religion, philosophy, traditional law, argumentative rationalism (Pseudo-rationalism), pseudoscience, propaganda, or any other form of falsehood prose.

The reason is that I understand that all deceptions are created by the same technique(s). And that just as the greeks invented reason on a scale previously impossible, the rabbis took the greek technique and invented lying on a scale previously impossible. And that this technique is extremely dangerous both in religious (christianity and islam) and pseudoscientific (marx,freud,boas, cantor, mises, rothbard), and pseudo rational (rousseauian , kantian, postmodern) forms.

So I want to prevent another abrahamic dark age whether created by christianity and islam in the past, or marxism, postmodernism and multiculturalism in the present.

Because we are extremely susceptible to these forms of lies.