1) Acting Reciprocally is necessary for cooperation to survive in any life form (or post-life for that matter). All life forms that do not practice reciprocity must go extinct, because consumption (use of resources) is not calculable.

2) Tit for tat, and exhaustive tit for tat, are strategies to train for preserving reciprocity. (an investment) However, they require memory. Hence why it’s only possible for creatures with memory.

3) Morality is the name for the value judgement we assign to reciprocity. ( a value judgement). Actions are moral, amoral, or immoral, if they are reciprocal, fully internal, or irreciprocal.

4) Moral Rules (moral norms) are those surviving habits of reciprocity in any social order.

5) Ethics refers to conditions of the interpersonal (non-anonymous but informationally asymmetric), and Morals refers to conditions of the extra personal (anonymous and informationally asymmetric). Technically actions that are neither interpersonal nor anonymous (affecting only the self) are “Autistic”.

is = exists as. If you think you know what you’re talking about don’t use is, are, was, were, etc. It will demonstrate whether you do or not if you can manage to make a complete and grammatically correct statement without the ‘fudge’ words (verb to be) that mean everything deducible from your statement (premise) is false. I’m very careful with it. is/are=exists as.

The reason most people are confused is simply a failure to speak in operational (correct) grammar, while trying to make arguments requiring infungible premises.

Every moron who argues with me (present company not included) will jump on teh autistic bandwagon not realizing that if they cannot speak precisely and operationally they are either hand waving to cover their reliance on intuition rather than argument, or engaging in rationalism (justification) which is the intellectual cancer Kant imposed upon our poor european cousins.