—“Curt Doolittle I noticed MBTI has turned into a sort of religion for a-lot of people. Unfortunate how this always happens.”—Candice Mary

As I’ve said elsewhere sixteen (4×4) with archetypal names, is about as complex as the average person can manage to ‘calculate’ with.

I would much rather have people use MBTI and understand that we have different categories, relations and values, than to attempt to use the freudian model to dominate them into a uniform ideal, by casting everything as a ‘disease’ that doesn’t conform to that ideal. Freudianism is freaking evil.

MBTI and Jung are crayons and fairy tales yes, but like fairy tales they contain a lot more than a grain of truth. Among my clan of people so to speak, big 5/6 factors and underlying dimensions we get greater precision but with the same empathy at the cost of losing the utility of archetypes.

If you understand my work you lose empathy completely, and see people as clockworks, lacking nearly all agency.

Then you are faced with having to just love people for the joy of it, and not blame them for their failings.

Which is the optimum understanding that the very wisest of us (particularly catholics) eventually arrive at, and is one of the reasons the very top scholars in the world cease their irreligiosity while the public intellectuals preserve atheism.

Hence my multi-year quest to understand how to produce a religion that free of abrahamic sophism, deceit, and immoralism, but achieves what we all desire from religion: the peace of mind and frequent elation that comes from surrender to running with the pack.

It is wolves and dogs running in packs in the wild we should study – because it is precisely that emotion of safety in belonging and the sharing of perception and understanding by nothing but body language that we verbal and rational creatures long for.

Domesticated wolves are our friends for this reason. Just as the wolfman is a subconscious archetype: we are the apes who hunt like wolves. We simply had the advantage of two feet and opposable thumbs, and extraordinary heat dissipation so we could pass those wolves and domesticate ourselves.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine