Love women, dont argue with them. Let them believe their feelings are sources of knowledge. they are overwhelmed by them and lack agency because of them. And cannot function if they cannot trust them. Those feelings are temporally and individually valuable. just deny their application to scale and intertemporal conditions where feelings are relevant to individuals but outcomes relevant to the group regardless of individual feelings. we made the mistake of universal enfranchisement. women are not bad they are wonderful. but their intuitions of scale (political) are as useless as are male intuitions about carrying, nursing, and caring for infants. The problem with universal enfranchisement, is that while women can deny us interpersonal influence we can no longer deny them political influence. we are compatible only through trade, and by trade we calculate the nash optimum despite our differences in ability and interest. and by including women in the political we eliminated the female market for marriage as well as the male market for politics.