Like I said. Love women. Listen to them (it’s hard to do that for any length of time I know – but all men develop the ability to filter, respond, and not try to solve all their problems). Try to make them happy as you can without going into debt. Don’t argue truth and falsehood, or good or bad, just take a stand on what is possible and advisable or not. Women are the most awesome part of life I’ve found, and other than destroying the competition in business the greatest high. 😉 But they aren’t men, and we aren’t women, and we’re both much happier when we understand that. 😉 It’s usually easier to get men to understand that women aren’t men than get (american) women to understand men aren’t women. The problem is very simple economics of demographics: since women are more marginally indifferent and more narrowly distributed, the number of men desirable for women is much smaller than the number of women desirable for men – and this is a constant problem. Women settle much more often than men. And while women almost always underestimate their sexual market value (it’s just weight and preening and you’re there), men vastly overestimate their sexual market value. So for men, it’s not complicated: read heavy things, lift heavy things, save and invest everything you can. When a woman attracts a man her standard of living increases by twenty percent or more. When a man attracts a woman his standard of living decreases by twenty percent or more. For women men are emotionally burdensome, and for men women are experientially (financially) burdensome. So make sure you understand the investment you’re making in one another. Marriage is the most damaging financial mistake you can make and is the most significant factor in determining whether you will be comfortable and happy or poor and depressed in old age.