Leaving behind abrahamic deception requires replacing it with anything other than oath, ritual, feast, and festival. None of which require any falsehoods, and all of which are easily produced.

TED, Football Games, and Concerts are just Church. Why do you think stadium rock relied upon anthems? Why is TED popular with the left (Scientific Miracles). Why are team sports so popular with the working and underclasses (pack experience and the hunt). Why are concert experiences so popular with the middle and working classes (they’re spiritual). All that is necessary to produce the effect we get from religion is proximity, shared experience, oath, and some corresponding physical repetition. Why is Government so attractive a sports team, and democracy so attractive a savior, and economics so attractive a heaven?

There is no reason why the experience must be conflated with law, pseudohistory, or the supernatural. THAT’S THE EVIDENCE.

We know why religions work. I can disassemble any of them into component parts (although hinduism is still confusing to me).

The fact that so many substitutes for religion exist, but none have been canonized is merely a failure to do what the nazis, fascists, and communists did: create a secular religion.

I mean, too bad the nazi thing went sideways because the aesthetics were genius. Soviet aesthetics were genius as well. Rock aesthetics were genius.

The problem is that markets are the optimum, and homogeneity is the optimum, and everyone just got only one part right or the other.

Doesn’t mean it can’t be done right.

No one is going to revert to abrahamic primitivism except those who are already primitive.

And those who are primitive by that choice and their deferral of agency are self selecting themselves into the RULED and out of those who RULE.