—“How do we sacralize (keep static) our value system, outside of religion? Christianity was the container, and will be again. We can modify which values are contained in it, but we need :
1. A value system
2. A way to transmit it to all classes (myth, feasts, spectacles)
3. A way to keep the value system static (canonized)(burning heretics at the stake)
Its obvious to me that this requires a monopoly institution. The only market for choosing between the monopolies is war. There can be no market for a sacralized value system. We allowed that and we got modernism.”—Bill Anderson


it may be obvious to you but looking around the world (a) our value system isn’t from the church its from the having a commercial middle class, education, and the law, (b) man has discovered just about every imaginable way of training us into mindfulness. (c) we train with fairy tales, historical novels, bibliographies, histories, and the sciences.

We have been through many waves of conquest by truth (reason) using deflationary grammars and conquest by lies (religion) using inflationary and conflationary grammars.

Deflationary we innovate and prosper, conflationary we stagnate and suffer.

So it doesn’t really matter what you intuit, because you are infected by the disease so to speak. Falsify those ideas by searching the world and you will find through the comparison of civilizations (japan being my favorite example in belonging, and switzerland being my favorite example in civic order).

Your ideas cannot survive falsification. They can’t. Assuming one has intellectual honesty.

Myth(commensurability on strategy), Ritual(mindfulness), Feast(calm belonging), Festival(excited belonging) and Markets (daily cooperation) work. They do. There is no evidence people need lies, they need commensurability so that they can cooperate with the least fear and doubt and insecurty, and the greatest optimism and trust.

Conversely, primitive peoples were forced to compete with much more advanced peoples but they lacked commensurability due to tribalism, and lacked commerce due to primitivism. It’s not complicated. The problem is STATIC MEANS DEAD. And so it’s not that we must be static via positiva, but that we must be static VIA NEGATIVA (law).

The very quest for the static as commensurability via positiva vs the dynamic as commensurability via negativa is the reason abrahamism was so stagnating under judaism, stagnating under christianity, and stagnating destructive and devolutinary under islam.

Be careful what you value, for what you value may be simply ‘taking it easy’ such that you stagnate and devolve.

Abrahamic religions, or any static religion, lets the red queen win.