We complete the scientific method and the european, greco, roman, germanic program, and in doing so write it into law and end your fraud in supernatural, pseudo-rational (counter-enligthenment), and pseudoscientific (contemporary) eras. Never again.


Operational grammar, semantics, and testability (calculation and falsificationism)
fictionalist grammar and semantics and untestability (sophism and justificationism).

It’s not an OPINION. It’s just a FACT. Sorry. It’s the difference between numerology, astrology, semitic mysticism, monopoly, and semitic law, vs mathematics, science, historical mythology, competing disciplines, and tort (natural) law.

I mean, it’s not an opinion any more than that there is a substantial difference between arithmetic and geometry or measurement vs analogy.

I mean, I know this is hard for mortal minds to grasp, but it sure as hell shouldn’t be.

Abrahamic religion is the language of lying. Egyptian and Hindu religions are merely mythologies (wisdom literatures) not laws. Buddhism was originally a very poorly stated means of self discipline producing what we call mindfulness (self control). Confucianism is much closer to reason within the limits of chinese language, concepts, grammar and technology. But the abrahamic religions claim to be both a monopoly, and true, and singular. And they are presented and argued using conflationar grammar and semantics, justificationism, and sophism we call ‘Pilpul’ (the verbal equivalent of numerology).

There is nothing good in abrahamic religions that cannot be stated without lying. There is everything bad in those religions because they evolved to teach us to lie, are taught by lying, and defended by lies and sophisms, and produced externalities the horrors of which are the darkest mark in human history.

The abrahamic innovation reversing greek reason resulted in Judaism under which the most educated people in europe accomplishing absolutely nothing except conspiring with the state against the people then being cyclically exterminated for it. Christianity accomplished nothing other than destroying germanic culture, eliminating the ability of europeans to defend themselves until the VIking restoration, privatizing literacy as a means of control and submission, turning 50% of european capital dead and for no other purpose than rents, and creating the largest and most corrupt and parasitic bureaucracy in human history. Islam accomplished nothing except the consumption and extermination of all the great civilizations of the ancient world, and reducing all peoples under its influence to dysgenic, ignorant, superstitious, aggressive emoters, and leaving 3/4 of a billion people dead in their wake. The abrahamic dark age was the darkest event in human history, and while the great plagues were devastating, it is patently obvious that abrahamic pilpul and its fictionalism was worse than anything other than malaria.

No no. Your lies are done.