Emotions are information. They inform us as to past, present, and future changes in state of capital (resources) environmental, physical, mental, social, and emotional.

Our struggle in transcending from animal to human is knowing when that information is true, and when it is false for the circumstances. Since evolution seized the opportunity to surrender that choice to cognition, when possible.

For those that have not transcended the animal, emotions remain their primary source of information. For those that have transcended the animal, our remaining emotions provide failover for when reason and calculation fail. It’s so that under temporal and resource pressure our decision making can ‘degrade’ gracefully.

Unfortunately for women, raising infants, toddlers, children, and each other is for all intents and purposes irrational given the time between investment(action) and return (consequence). Just as for men, the value of those emotions and the time to integrate and react to them was a death sentence, given the high return on taking risks.

So, particularly upon entering puberty, those emotions (information) are accentuated, while in men those emotions are destroyed – hence that strange feeling of ‘darkness’ during male tenage years without the excitement of war and the hunt.

Gender specialization covers the entire spectrum of perception, memory, time, cognition, labor, advocacy, and negotiation. Our similarities are irrelevant for our cooperation, but our differences profound in choosing what we cooperate upon. In that division of perception, cognition and labor we produce a nash equilibrium of trading, thereby producing a pareto distribution of influence, and collectively defeat the dark forces of time and ignorance, in the slow incremental transcendence of man, from beast, to human, to the gods we imagine.