—“Where does a smart conservative woman find particularly high IQ men (who aren’t cold and unfeeling robots)?”—

A tall order. (They’re Taken Quickly)

Um. I’ll tell you the painful truth. That is that conservative high-iq women are nowhere near as attractive an investment as girly girls if for no other reason than the number of compromises you need to make with women who are peers.

Secondly, girly girls will use more assets more liberally to obtain those men, and conform to their needs to hold them.

Good men are few, and don’t go on the market. In my opinion good men are seduced or essentially stalked by women within three degrees of separation, who keep an inventory of candidates and seize opportunities. We all have down spots in relationships and that’s when men are vulnerable.

Competitive men must be unfeeling – it is a job requirement so to speak, and the world rewards us for our unfeeling (Detachment). but the truth is that on average, men are more sentimental, loyal, and romantic than women for the simple reason they have fewer sources of affection than women.

I’ve always gravitated to very smart women (one of the smarter women in america as a fact), and more stoic women, and have made a few very exceptions. But I cannot keep a relationship with a woman who isn’t smart. I’ve tried. I loved her.

But you need to be friends and co-conspirators at some point, for the long term. So where do you find them?

Social media (men’s friends lists) are absolutely positively the best current source of publicly available material. Chatting, finding an excuse to chat for ten minutes on an unrelated subject will tell a woman all she needs to know. block or ignore them afterward if they aren’t a possibility. Just leave it alone if they are. Men are very slow processors. You want their excitement to dissipate before you ping them again if you’re interested at all.

Men are simple: keep them fit, fed, f–cked, and don’t mommy them at all, and you’ll get what you want out of them. There are no discounts on making sure he’s fit, fed, f—cked, and self directed.

The primary problem i see today is that men are not fit, and between a woman working and raising children, their men are not fed and f—ked.

And therefore they choose escape and resignation over self direction.

Men need very little to survive. The only reason to do much other than bullshit with other men, is to get fed and f—ked. Fitness and self direction are just means to that end: getting fed and f—ked.

Seriously. I have spent many years trying to explain how simple men are: very, very, very simple. ANd educated women have been taught so much drivel by feminists and postmodernists they’re literally invulnerable to the truth.