You know, I love my laboring, working, middle class, and upper middle class brothers, because they are by and large a moral bunch.

But unlike most of them I have spent time with and largely been one of our upper class cousins. And my working class brothers in particular vastly overestimate their understanding of those classes – and just how mentally and emotionally superior they are. Even if they are less … moral … by a long shot. And especially because unlike me, those cousins have abandoned responsibility for using their abilities and positions in the interests of my brothers.

Most of us who are moral operate heavily by moral intuitions. We cannot imagine that people that have power of any kind have it because it is given to them in exchange for furthering the interests of those who have a portfolio of property in toto.

They do not sense. They calculate. Because they must. With the right formulae to calculate with they will act very differently. But they are entirely capable of rule once they are limited to the formulae to calculate with that is in the interests of my brothers.

We have all been under democratic propaganda so long we do not remember the obvious: we are different in ability, and there are a fairly large number who are exceptional in ability in every field.

The problem is we must restore the relationship between their interests and ours – and we must do it by violent imposition of those rules – those rules of morality we call reciprocity.