You know, for the sake of relationships I try to keep quite a bit to myself. That’s why I use distractions of teasing, play, and buffoonery to circumvent many topics.

And you know, I thought my wife walked on water. You can’t imagine.

But once in a while things leak out under autistic duress.

“I am not a life support system for a vagina. Either a marriage is mutually beneficial or it is not. I have to be happy too.”

I was like — “Wow, was that my outside voice. That stuff is NEVER supposed to come out of the cage….” lol

Or “Do you always tell your friends that you despise your husband?”

Or “Did you know a marriage is over once your face shows a disgust response, and it’s only a matter of time?”

These events were rare. I think my wife and I had two fights during our marriage, and even our agreement to divorce was civil. And even then she said one of them wouldn’t have happened but she misunderstood me. And again, I still think all things considered she walks on water.

People sometimes think I’m unkind but I think I’m extremely patient and considerate given what generally goes through my mind while their speaking.

It’s the truth that’s unkind.