by Bill Joslin

Updated Brehon model:

1) Demonstrated Results. Gauged by the degree at which ones life results from their own will and amount of property maintained.

Principle: one’s will (decisions) extends beyond just their domestic and professional life. In other words they direct the actions of many others who rely on the principle for a livelihood (a general, a business owner which maintains a stable of employees, a foundation head which governs the organization) – a judge of last resort within their domain (their business etc)

Qualifies you to be a judge on severe matters, be chosen for commons management, be chosen for international trade negotiations, be chosen as supreme judge of last resort.

2) Autonomous agent: employed by another but commands many below. His will extends beyond just his own activities. For example a lower officer, a VP/Director/manager, in a company who has last say (judge of last resort) within his management purview. An officer in militia etc.

Qualifies you to be a judge, to be part of the selection committees for supreme judge, trade team, commons management team)(vote)

3) Autonomous Independent – one who does not rely on another for livelihood, but does not command others as well. Self employed, contractors , self reliant businesses like agriculture etc. They answer to no one but command no one.

Qualifies you to be a judge on minor issues, argue in court, enforce the law. Select commons management team, trade team etc. (Vote)

4) Independent agent: you work for others, they command your activities, you hold and maintain property, hold no debt, are able to sustain yourself and your family without aid or loans from others.

Qualifies you to: enforce the law, bring charges before the court, argu cases on minor issues. Have kids.

5) Agent: you are able to pay your bills, hold a job but don’t own a home (you rent) you take care of yourself (are not a burden) but have reduced “skin in the game).

Qualifies you to argue your case before the courts, petition to bring charges before the courts, basic protections from society in exchange for taxes and community service. Can marry and have kids but if they cannot maintain productive contribution (need assistance) they lose their kids.

6) Dependent: a ward of the state or to those who care for you, proven not able to care or sustain themselves without aid.

Qualifies you to not be mistreated, can petition to bring charges before the court. Must exchange time and labour in caring for the commons to pay for the social assistance given. Are not considered “self-owned” but rather owned by the state or partially owned by the state or a principle under which care the dependent resides. Not allowed to marry or have kids. Must serve in commons maintenance.

7) Blight: have demonstrated they are not able to function within society without causing damages – professional criminals, repeat offenders.

Qualifies you to: no protections by law, to be killed on sight, to be robbed, assualted etc by any member of society without facing consequence. Outside of the law – no protections of law.

8) Everyone serves in the militia and law enforcement. Everyone must contribute back to the commons in either community service or taxes or both

(nobody says yes or no to your standing or grants you your rights. You claim your rights by demonstrating independence and extension of agency. This removes gatekeeping but at the same time restricts access to power) prove it and it is yours.