—“Just go read Das Capital”— Young Female Marxist

I have read every significant work of economic theory ever written, (as well as most in mathematics, logic, philosophy, history, politics, the military and the arts).

As far as I know I’m one of the best philosophers working today. Really. And that’s not because I’m all that good, but that philosophy is in such a death spiral.

1) Marxism is a work of fiction for the ill mannered, not-very-bright and abysmally ignorant which is why they only teach it in non-STEM disciplines where the not-very-bright and ignorant can munch literary crayons while in the context of pseudo intellectual coloring books.

2) Subjective value is true and labor value is false. This cannot be otherwise. Sorry. There is zero evidence to the contrary.

3) Value is created by organizing production not performing production. Labor is the least valuable part of the cycle with the lowest return on time per hour.

4) Property, Money, Prices, Interest, Contract are necessary for the organization of production in a kaleidic universe.

5) Prices and prices for our time in particular, are necessary for both decidability and for incentives.

6) The incentives necessary to motivate the semi-domesticated animals and the cost of training them to function whatsoever are far higher than motivating the domesticated humans and the cost of training them is far lower than their underclass peers.

7) People were raised out of ignorance and poverty by consumer capitalism and the primary beneficiaries are those at the bottom.

8) People (underclasses) are not oppressed, but incrementally domesticated, because they’re largely only partly domesticated animals, and our prosperity is dependent upon increasing the humans and decreasing the semi-domesticated human animals, for the simple reason that people are only 20% more productive than they can consume and therefore every person at the bottom consumes the entire productivity of five to six people at the top.

9) If you cannot compete in today’s market it is because you are too ill mannered, ill cultured, poorly raised, with an undesirable personality and stupid to provide any value to your fellow man other than staying out of the way and causing as little harm, damage, and parasitism as possible.