How long have you been following me? Because if you don’t know when and why I use the imperative form, it cant be long.

I don’t have a name for your particular form of “disapproval by shaming” – as distinct from an appropriate argument against falsehood – but it is strangely a behavior as gender-specific as NAXALT.

I should name it.

Agency requires we can separate the preferable, from the good, from the true. And address each accordingly as a personal preference, shared preference, or truth independent of preference or good.

Whatever we call it, it’s one of the gender-specific cognitive biases that conflates preference, good, and truth, such that there is no distinction between the preferable, the presumption of knowledge of the good and the disregard for the true.

Using this form of disapproval means one lacks Agency. It means that one is not fully human, but still a mammal lacking reason, but able to speak – even if not sensibly.